Monday, December 1, 2008

My first entry

I know, first entries are always boring.  But I just realized that I should have setup a personal blog a long time ago.  I have one with my current employer, Sun Microsystems @ Eric Arseneau's Blog.  But what happens if I leave Sun ?  I would like to have some continuity, and therefore here I am.

Note, the System Child reference is one that was given to me when I was in college, where I took over the good old Vax they had there.  I implemented an old style trojan horse, simulating the login process, in order to get user's passwords.  I did not have any malicious intent, I was simply told by the long term students there that there was no way I could ever get into their accounts.

One thing you dont do with me, is, say "it can't be done" :)  They learned their lesson and christened me System Child :)

Lets see how the experiment goes :)

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